Focusing on the impact technology has on our daily lives and socio-economic trends that it sets in the Eurasian Region.


Reviewing any defense related updates while focused into issues that impact our daily life such as counter-terrorism and Security measures.


Exploring the economic outlet of the current Eurasian region, from new development, policy updates or different studies.


Developing and setting a down to earth understanding of the energy landscape in the Eurasian regions. From wind to thermal power stations.


Focusing on policy trends in health management and recent medical updates that impact the Eurasian region.

Human Rights

Researching and understanding the political landscape while labeling where human freedoms are at stake.


Issues and remarks together with recent updates that impact the education and growth of the Eurasian region, decentralized as per the specific groups.


The leaders of tomorrow and their envisions. We focus into providing information and updates impacting this generation.

International Development

Studies and updates in the political environment of today’s Eurasia. Issues that impact stability and progress reports of specific topics.